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Jon Ribeiro

Software Developer since 2008, fitness and open source enthusiast, Arch Linux and Debian user, Man Utd supporter, Metalcore addict ;)

Brno, CZ
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Hi, I’m Jonathas Rodrigues Ribeiro (a.k.a. Jon). I was born in Rio de Janeiro, but I’m currently living in Brno, Czech Republic.

I’ve been working as a Software Developer since 2008 and I intend to continue getting better in that area, always improving my knowledge while achieving my goals and the goals of the companies I work for.

I’ve been using GNU/Linux since December 2006 and I just love and feel at home with my Arch Linux on my Notebook and Debian GNU/Linux on the servers I manage at work and at home.

As for my hobbies, I like to take photos, really love traveling and strongly agree that it indeed broadens one’s mind.

In my free time, I enjoy practicing sports such as Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and working out.


I currently work as a Software Developer for Mautilus in Brno, Czech Republic.